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Detoxing x Dieting

Dieting is focused only on the weight loss and often lead to metabolic slow down, which makes further weight loss very difficult.
Detoxing is focus to improve your health, energy condition, and the ability of mind to focus.

Dieting stresses the body by limiting nutrients, Cleansing gives body the nutrients it needs to succeed.
Detoxing can help you to cleanse, detoxify your body, and maintain your body weight without extreme dieting.
Result obtained by each person can be different.

TEATOX & CO. Program


All Natural Ingredients with a High Quality

Our teas are made with 100% natural ingredients and selected carefully from best quality tea leaf to make sure safety and effectiveness.


More than 85% of our customers successfully loose weight within the first week of using Teatox & Co. *Individual results may vary.

Made by Tea Expert

The ingredients of Teatox & Co. are made by tea expert who understand well about the detox tea start from the composition, nutrition, and also the benefits off all the ingredients.

No More Extreme Diet

Don’t skip meals! It will only make you crave more. With Teatox & Co. you can still eat normally, you just need to choose your food wisely!

Satisfied Customer

Our satisfied customer, you can see our real testimonial by click here or check our instagram #teatoxncoreview
Result obtained by each person can be different.

Ini order kedua Aku, tapi ordernya untuk orang tuaku! orangtuaku juga tertarik dengan Teatox setelah aku cerita pencernaan jadi lancar dan perut buncit jadi berkurang setelah konsumsi Teatox dari Teatox & Co.

Yuni WR @you.nii

Teatox & Co. berhasil nurunin berat badan Aku, sekarang turun 7kg dalam 30 hari! Aku cukup bangga banget dengan hasilnya, Next time kalau sudah habis paket 28Days nya, Aku mau order lagi..!

Elvi Anna EN @elvianna_17

Teh Teatox & Co. benar-benar hebat, bisa bikin nafsu makan jadi berkurang. Recommended banget buat yang suka makan!

Mrs Syanty Y Soetio @mrsmiu01

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