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A : We have 2 types of packages, which are:

  • 14 days Teatox Package Package consists of 1 pack of Good Morning Tea (loose leaf) and 1 pack of Good Night Tea (containing 7 tea bags) to be consumed in 14 days.
  • 28 days Teatox Package consists of 2 packs of Good Morning Tea (loose leaf) and 2 packs of Good Night Tea (containing 14 tea bags) to be consumed in 28 days.
  • A: 14 Days Teatox Package is more focused on those of you who want to detoxify and cleanse all the toxins inside your body. While the 28 Days Teatox Package not only focused on detox, but also help you to lose weight.

    A : Cleanse and remove toxins from the body, improve metabolism, help in reducing appetite, improve digestive system, increase energy level, remove belly fat, help in burning excessive fat, improve skin clarity and rich in antioxidant.
    A: Some ingredients used in our Good Morning Tea are oolong tea, jasmine green tea, yerba matte, ginseng leaf, goji berries, and other amazing ingredients. Meanwhile, our Good Night Tea contains ingredients such as senna leaf, lotus leaf, peppermint, and other amazing ingredients.

    Other than all those goodness, our ingredients are imported from various countries. We select the best country who produce those ingredients. For example, our oolong tea is imported from China, ginseng root of Korea, Argentinian yerba matte, and Japanese green tea. Our tea also formulated by the nutrition experts from Australia.
    A : Good Morning Tea is to be consumed in the morning, the best time is 15 minutes before breakfast on empty stomach. While the Good Night Tea is to be served once every two days before sleep, starting from the first day of your program (for example, if you start Teatox program on Monday, you brew the Good Night tea on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and so on).
    A : We recommend Teatox & Co. to be enjoyed by individuals age 16 and above because one of the ingredients in Good Morning Tea contains caffeine. Our tea is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers due to their needs of extra nutrition for their babies development and growth.
    A : Yes, Teatox can help weight loss for sure. But, weight loss also depends on your own lifestyle. The main purpose is to detoxify your body; meanwhile the detox process itself helps in increasing your metabolism and in burning body fat, so it definitely can help you to lose weight.

    If your goal is to lose weight, we suggest taking the 28 Days Teatox Package. This 28 Days Package is not only focused on detox, but also help the weight loss process while the 14 days Package is focused only on detox which is removing toxins from your body.

    Teatox & Co. provides Diet and Exercise Guidebook that you can download for free at www.teatoxnco.com/store/ebook/. You simply follow the exercise guideline (3 times a week, each exercise lasts for 30 minutes only). In the book, we also provide tips on recommended foods while on detox process, along with a list of their calories. So when you’re having french fries or fried chicken, you can calculate how many calories you ate.
    A : Teatox & Co. does not cause any harmful side effects to the body because the teas are made from 100% natural ingredients and have been selected by a professional nutritionist. One exception in the Good Night Tea, it contains senna leaf which acts as a laxative.

    As a matter of fact, this is actually the desired effect because the toxin will be removed during the excretion process. But don’t worry; this will not interfere with your daily activities if you follow the drinking instruction.
    A : No need to worry, our Good Night Tea will not cause upset stomach or diarrhea if taken according to the instructions. The longer you brew the tea, the stronger the effect from our Good Night Tea.

    Therefore, we recommend for those of you who does not have a constipation problem, brew the Good Night Tea for 2-3 minutes, while those of you having the difficulty can suit the brewing time according to your own bowel movement.
    A : You can still consume coffee or milk while still in the program but give it some time between consumptions.
    A : We recommend you to have the usual diet. However, to maximize the result, we strongly suggest reducing, or even avoiding greasy food and food containing coconut milk such as fried dishes, soto, Padang cuisine, fast food, and others during this detox program.