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11 Tips on How to Take Before and After Photos For Your Tummy Flattening Progress

Hi Teatoxers, having a bulging tummy is annoying and uncomfortable. A lot of inconveniences come with having a bulging tummy, such as, difficulty in finding the perfect fit for your top and bottom, restricted movement, and many other issues.

No worries! Nowadays, there are many methods to tackle your tummy problem, such as, implementing food portion control, regular exercise, detox program, and many other ways. However, these methods are best be accompanied by an accurate measuring method so that the results can be seen and documented.

For measurement, most people prefer to use the scale to view the results. However, there are other ways to keep track of the progress of your tummy-flattening program. One of them is to take picture of your progress. Here is how to do it!

Below are tips on how to create photos that will show the progress of the program accurately:

  1. Take a picture before your start the program.
  2. Don’t erase that picture.
  3. Make sure to take the picture in the same time and spot (when you just wake up inthe morning and in front of a mirror).
  4. Make sure you take a full body picture.
  5. Take both front view and side view picture.
  6. When taking pictures: put your feet together.
  7. When taking pictures: relax your body.
  8. When taking pictures: Make sure the camera does not cover your face.
  9. Suggested attire for women: sports bra or crop top.
  10. Suggested attire for men: shorts.
  11. Note: Take the progress pictures once every two weeks during the program.


after-before diet teatox


before-after diet

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