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3 Kebiasaan Buruk bagi Pasangan

Valentine’s Day is here, let’s enjoy the Valentine’s mood with Teatox & Co.! How are you planning to spend the special day? As much as we agree that couples should express love everyday and not just on February, Valentine’s Day is a lovely moment to reflect on your love and relationship with your partner. While it’s true that there are many ‘big’ problems that can break a relationship, sometimes it can be the small, overlooked unhealthy habits that threaten couples nowadays. Here are three bad habits you might not realize you’re doing in your relationship.


1. Focusing on the negative

When conflicts arise, couples tend to keep blaming each other and focus on the problem in their relationship. However, psychologist Terri Orbuch finds that couples who focus on what’s going well in their relationship tend to be wiser in solving relationship problems. The next time you’re arguing with your partner, think of the good things about him/her, and your relationship, to help you focus on the good and how to make it better.

2. Lack of me-time

Many couples admit that giving themselves more me-time can save a relationship. Having some time alone is important for us to grow personally, work on our hobbies and skills, and develop as an individual! Plus points, it makes us miss our partner more when we finally meet them and we’ll have more interesting things to share and talk about.

3. Waiting for special occasions to express love

Ever heard the phrase ‘show, don’t tell’? Saying ‘I love you’ might be an important milestone in your relationship, but showing it will mean much more to your partner than words ever will. However, many couples make the mistake of thinking they have to wait for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day to express their love. Want some statistics? Married couples that do not receive actions of love are two times more likely to divorce than couples who show love to each other constantly.

There are many things you can do to show your love in action, such as respecting, listening, giving a helping hand, and forgiving your partner. Make sure your partner never has to wonder if you still love him/her. You never know how the smallest act of kindness or affection can touch their heart!

Let Valentine’s Day be a chance for us to renew our love to our partner and closest people around us. Remember, the key is to show and not just tell and let love brew

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