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Let’s Bust these 3 Myths about Women!

It’s the month of women embracement! One of the most important celebrations in April is Kartini Day. While Kartini only lived a short life, it’s amazing how her legacy remains until today, proving to us that women can be agents of change. However, can we truly say that men and women today are already treated and appreciated equally? Or are we still trapped with many misconceptions about women that lead us to misunderstand what it really means to be a woman? Take a look at these 3 myths about women that, sadly, the modern world still believes until now.

Myth 1: Women are too emotional.

Women are always seen as more emotional than men, to a point that their emotional nature is seen as a vulnerability and weakness. We are raised to think that crying is such a girly thing to do, that women get sad or angry too easily. Is this true? Well, scientifically, the female brain is built in such a way that allows her to express their emotions and intuitively understand others better than males. Women are more prone to show empathy and compassion because of this. If we look at it this way, women’s ‘emotional’ nature is not really a weakness, is it? In fact, scientists call this ‘emotional intelligence’, and as long as women use their emotions wisely, it is one of the qualities that can make women stand out in the workplace.

Myth 2: Women belong at home.

Nowadays, it’s so common to hear people saying, ‘What’s the use of women having such a high education? They will end up getting married and staying at home anyway.’ This myth has been around since forever, and most people with a conventional mindset see men as workers and women as stay-at-home wives and mothers. Thankfully, nowadays, more and more women are taking on jobs such as doctors, athletes and entrepreneurs, but this way of thinking still remains. In reality, with the availability of education and information, there is no reason for women not to educate themselves and work as hard as men, even taking key leadership roles in the corporate world. Most modern families today have both husband and wife working to contribute to the household income as well. A woman’s role is not just limited to staying at home.

Myth 3: Women are not good with money.

Women are often seen as too impulsive in spending their money. The media has long portrayed women as hasty untrustworthy shoppers, so it’s so common for women nowadays to get comments such as, ‘She can’t manage money’, or, ‘She’s just being a gold digger’. However, a study by Fidelity Investments actually showed that women are able to save 0.4% more than men! Many women are also the designated money-managers in the household compared to their husbands, and many successful women entrepreneurs show that women can be trusted to invest and develop a business wisely.

Can you feel how these myths still exist among people around you? Women, you have the power to refuse to be bound by any myth or stereotype that tries to stop you from achieving your highest goals. In this Kartini month, let’s celebrate and embrace our identity as a woman and break free from any limits!

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