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3 Things Millenial Women Can Learn from R.A. Kartini

Hi Teatoxers! Are you born somewhere between the mid-1980s until late 1990s? If yes, then you belong in the millenial generation! Being a millenial, especially a millenial woman, you might feel that this era is so much different from the previous generations. Women have experienced a lot of drastic changes that we should be grateful for, for example, we can now pursue our education and have a career, unlike in the older times. Of course, we owe it to our national heroine R.A. Kartini as one of the pioneers for woman emancipation in our country. Although we are now in such a different era, there are still many things that we can learn from Kartini and apply to our daily life. Here are 3 things millenial women can learn from R.A. Kartini!

1. Accepting towards anyone

Although Kartini was born in an elite Javanese family, she was known to have a friendly and accepting attitude towards anybody, regardless of social class, gender, and ethnicity. She believed that those differences shouldn’t be a barrier that keep people from socializing and caring for one another. In this millenial era, it’s sad that differences like that still create conflicts and exclusivity among us. As millenial women, we should take on Kartini’s example to be more open and accepting to people of different backgrounds too!


2. Finding your identity

Since a very young age, Kartini refused to let her identity be defined by the social norms at her time At that time, as a woman, her life was already determined by other people—she must quit school and spend her life being married to a man she barely knew. However, it didn’t stop Kartini from finding her true identity and her own passion. She continued doing what she loved—learning, writing, and being a fighter for women rights. Sure, in this millenial era, our lives may not be that difficult. The fact that we can now freely study, work, and explore our passion, should motivate us even more to find our true self and pursue our passion! If Kartini can find her identity at such a harsh time, there is no reason for us not to do the same, and even better.

3. Making a difference

One of Kartini’s legacies is how she identified a problem in society and made a change. She heavily criticized the educational system that only allowed men to study. She also disliked how the Javanese law assigned women to only stay home and do house work. Through what she observed, she spoke up and made a difference, and we can all enjoy a better life because of what she started. As millenial women, we are more open-minded and critical than previous generations! So let’s start making a difference wherever we are, even if it’s just through the smallest things.

Maybe these three lessons from Kartini might sound too high, but we can apply them in our everyday life from simple things, such as being kind and accepting to others, pursuing our passion, and being more sensitive to problems around us. .

Let’s be empowered, passionate Kartinis in this millenial era!

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