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4 Ways To Curb Cravings Naturally

Feeling unenergetic and starving throughout the day are always in the way of our fast. And sometimes the answer to our problems are always simple, but we still seem to overlook them. Here are some basic tips to keep you energized, and see if there are some things you still miss out on before!

  1. Curb off mindless cravings with green tea! They help those with habbits of snacking and sweet tooth. This fasting season, you can count on our Good Morning Tea or Boostea to help! Have them during suhoor, brew them as usual.
  2. Consume high fiber foods including fruits and veggies, seeds and beans help us in feeling fuller, as well as improving our gut and digestive system. How do they dull our appetite? Well, because they are not able to be digested once consumed, and also very nutritionally dense. While most carbs and junk food are faster to process, and uses less energy to be processed!
  3. Did you know that spicy food keeps you from overeating and helps us to stay full longer? Good news for them spicy food fans!
  4. Practice mindful eating. Don’t get distracted when you are having your meal, put away your phones and concentrate on your food. I think we can all agree that when we eat while watching tv or playing gadgets, we tend to overeat right? You can do this during suhoor and when you are breaking your fast to make you have a more satisfying meal time!

And last but not least, self control! It’s all about being in charge of our life decisions, right? This fasting season, we are reminded of it and that we eat to live, not live to eat. So make the best decisions with eating quality, and of course yummy food! You just need to find which suits you best.

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