6 cara mempercepat/memperlancar metabolisme tubuh kita
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6 Ways to boost your metabolism

If you are planning on losing a few pounds, boosting your metabolism can help naturally for weight loss. Here are some ways to help you boost:

1.Eat enough

Instead of cutting too much calories, eat enough (around 1200 cals for woman/day). Not consuming enough calories can cause the body to slow down metabolism, so it is suggested that we keep the body from starving.

2.Drink water

It is no secret that we have to drink 6 glasses of water a day. Jugging up water before having your meal can help cut your calorie intake because they fill you up and causes you to eat less.

3. Go organic

Fruits and vegetables that uses pestisides in the process stores up toxins in our body if consumed, as well as other non-organic foods. Which then leads to interfering with the thyroid, blocking the work of metabolism. So it is best to give attention when you go grocery shopping and go for organics instead.

4.Drink tea

Teas like green tea is a metabolism booster which contains catechins that may increase in fat burning, also accelerates the body’s thermogenic process  that helps us in losing a few pounds. Tea also helps flush out toxins that has been built up inside.
Aside from that, the caffeine in green tea does the break down on stored fat cells in the body, allowing an additional source of fuel for your workout or other physical performance.
Try some of our teas to do the job:

  • Goodmorning tea to help reduce your appetite.
  • Goodnight tea to help you reach your ideal weight by cleansing and detoxifying your body, improve your digestive system, and reduces bloating.

Green teas and oolongs helps in increasing metabolism up to 5%, and fat burning by 10-17%. So let’s go for teas as a great substitute instead of high calorie beverages.

5.Get enough rest

A good night’s rest is a must. Not getting enough may increase the risk of obesity, blood sugar levels, and insulin resistance. Lack of sleep can affect your body on burning less calories and change the way your body process sugar.


Either boosting your metabolism or losing weight would not be complete without getting some exercise done. Doing just 30 minutes a day is enough to do the job. Besides helping you to get healthier, exercising also affects you to have a good mood. However, if you are at the office daily, you can try standing up to burn extra calories instead of just sitting throughout the day.

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