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The Culture Behind Chinese New Year

February is here! Aside from celebrating Valentines, there’s another big day due in this month’s calendar. It’s an event which is celebrated by ¼ of the world’s population.
Yep, it’s Chinese New Year!. Behind every celebration is a culture, but do you know the story?
Here are some things we commonly see every year as this event approaches and why;

  1. Cleaning The House
    As preparations before the new year, Chinese always cleans up their house before the day approaches as cleaning on Chinese new year is believed to sweep all the good luck away.
  2. New Clothes
    If normally Chinese are known to be thrifty, not on this day!. Chinese would go shopping for not only new clothes but also decorations with all red ornaments for their house, extravagantly.
  3. Fireworks
    On this new year, fireworks lasts longer than our normal new year, which is for 15 days!. Ancient stories and culture tells of a monster like creature called Nian that likes to eat kids, so the people shoot fires to drive away the monster.
  4. Giving Out Angpaos
    Westerns give out gifts and presents on Christmas, while married Chinese couples give out red envelopes filled with cash to their children and younger relatives. They believe that these Angpaos symbolizes good luck for the coming year.
  5. Feast with family
    Chinese would get together with family, having a big feast.Wether it is having homemade cookings, or booking a restaurant, to actually inviting a chef home!. Meals from dumplings, to fish. Chinese believe eating dumplings bring wealth to the coming year. The following days, they would also visit other relatives and friends’ house.

How about you? Are you one who also celebrate?.
This time of year is a very special moment to be enjoyed, not to forget to mention those food we just talked about!. After all those yummy family meals, don’t forget to continue your Teatox & Co journey, though!.

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