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How to get glowing skin

The condition of our skin is affected both internally and externally, from what we eat, to the changing of the weather. No matter what you do on the outside, if you do not take care of your body from the inside, it will show through your skin. But no worries because we’ll be sharing you how to do both ways!.

From the inside:

  1. Pay attention to foods
    we are sure you already know that junk and fatty food has no good for our body,right? That’s why it’s called “junk food” to begin with. Cut down on unhealthy foods and try to make your own meals because no matter how healthy a restaurant claim their food to be, their first priority will be the taste, which includes flavorings,etc. read this article on what yummy, Healthy menus for an ideal body.
  2. Load up on H2O
    it’s a good thing if you use lotion routinely, but do you moisture enough from the inside?. Water is very important, as we all know, but a lot of people still ignore this fact. Read 5 benefits of drinking water for your body 
  3. Cut down on sugar and caffeine
    sweet temptations, we may say, because it really is hard to turn them down, right?. But your skin will thank you if you do so!. Sugar causes inflammatory, disrupts hormonal balance which then leads to acne. As for caffeine, consuming them too much may dehydrate the skin.

From the outside:

  1. Less is more
    makeups are meant to make us more beautiful when we were them, but what about the real condition of our skin underneath it?. No matter how good the quality Is, using too many of them would cause our skin to be damaged. So, go a little less on your makeup for daily wear, and keep all the fancy ones for speial occasions.
  2. Sun protection
    never forget to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before, everytime you step out of home, and avoid being under the sun at 11am-3pm as they are harshest at those time of the day.
  3. Masks On
    use masks 1-2 times a week that best suit your skin condition. You can also make them yourself by using whats in your kitchen! For example cucumbers for moisture, honey, bananas, or strawberries and lemon to fight acne.


Apply the tips above and within a week, we bet you’ll feel and see the changes on your skin, Good luck!.

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