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Detox 101

When do you know that it’s time for you to detox?
Your body will show signs such as skin problems, trouble of sleeping, the feeling of having no energy, and weight problems, to name a few.
And since detoxing means flushing out toxins from our body, it is sure for us to avoid unhealthy foods while in the programme. Also note that in the beginning of your programme, things can get worse before it gets better. The outcome on every person will also vary.

So, how often is it do we really need to do a detox?
Simply put, we’ll have to let our body rest from those unhealthy foods by detoxing in a minimum 7-14 days, 2-4 times a year.
Types of detox:

  1. Sauna detox
    Sauna detox can be done by frequently visiting the sauna 2-3 times a week.
  • Pros: sauna may help in cleansing the body from invasive bacteria, viruses, and tumor cells, as well as making our heart work harder, similar to doing a workout. The relaxation we experience by doing a sauna also allows the blood vessels to expand.
  • Cons: if we are experiencing injury, fever, or inflammation, we are advised to not do a sauna. Rapid changes of temperature from hot to cold must also be avoided, especially for ones with heart disease or high blood pressure. For pregnant moms must keep the temperature under 150 degrees when in the sauna.
  1. Fruit & Veggies detox
    People going on this detox usually went 3 straight days only consuming none other than fruits and veggies. This may sound very extreme and may cause you to overeat after the 3 days have passed.
  • Cons: your body needs carb to function normally, your body will miss out a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Lack of sodium will also make you lightheaded.
  • Pros: this, however, can be beneficial with the best mix of juices which is by adding the greens with fruits, nuts, etc.
  1. Sugar detox
  • Cons: most nutritionists will suggest you to go “cold turkey” which equals to cutting out completely everything of sugar, for a period of time. In the process, at first you will experience withdrawal symptoms like feeling tired and headaches.
  • Pros: when the symptoms go away, your cravings with sweets will be less intense.
  1. Tea Detox
    Detoxing with tea will always consist of two parts. The morning tea is to refresh, and the evening tea is for the colon cleanse. Other etox methods will require us to have a well planned meal, restraining us from many types of food, while going on a tea detoxallows us to still consume food as we normally do.

So, which type of detox would you prefer? You decide!

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