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Detox-cation? It Works, As Long As you Avoid These 4 Mistakes!

Vacation! One word that can completely change your mood, even just by thinking about it.

As holiday season is approaching, most of us probably can’t wait to turn off our alarms and go on the dream holiday that we’ve been planning since the beginning of the year. These are totally fine, because vacation can be a new way to detox your mind, body, and soul! But sadly, not everybody can achieve that kind of detoxing vacay, especially if they are still commiting these unhealthy habits during the holiday. Are you guilty for one or more of them?

1. Not putting away your gadget

We can be hooked to our gadgets for many reasons, from work to making memories on social media about our vacation. If your work is really unavoidable, set aside a fixed schedule everyday for you to check your work, but only for that limited amount of time. Also, not everything in your vacation needs to be shared on social media! Vacation is a time to unplug yourself from gadgets as much as possible, and just live in the moment. Spend more time bonding with your family and friends on vacation. Immerse yourself in the scenery and attractions of your holiday destination instead of looking at your phone the whole time!

2. Comparing too much

Social media can be a dangerous platform for fueling up your insecurity and jealousy, especially when people these days show their whole life off on photos and stories. It’s easy to feel jealous and unsatisfied when you compare your holiday to someone you see on social media, chilling on a cruise ship or touring across the continent. Instead of comparing, be grateful of the time-off that you still have, and the people you’re blessed with.

3. Poor Budgeting

We can be so vacation-deprived, that we’re willing to spend more than we have to make our dream vacay come true. Truth is, there are many ways which you can save more, such as finding cheap tickets, picking accommodations wisely, and control yourself when shopping and eating. Make sure you had your budget plan sorted well before you go on vacation. Bring 20% more money than your estimation for unplanned emergencies too!

4. Over-planning

Lastly, here’s a little secret: you’re going to be real disappointed if you hope your vacation will go 100% as planned. The spontaneity of going on vacation can be fun, and you should be prepared for unpredictable changes throughout your holidays. Enjoy every moment, both the planned and unplanned, because at the end you will have an unforgettable experience anyway!

So before you make your final packing checks and leave, make sure your vacay is as detoxing as it’s supposed to be. You deserve it, dear!

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