#EmbraceYourBetterSelf with Kezia Amelia Violin

On this fresh first month of the new year, our muse Kezia Amelia @keziaameliaviolin inspires us on how she keeps chasing her passion and dream as a violinist, even though it was hard for her at first because her motor skills wasn’t as good as other violinists.

She shares how blessed she feels to be nominated as Youtube NextUp 2017 and reached 100,000 subscribers last year, it truly was an exciting year for her!.

She also tells us how lucky she is to have a job that she really loves doing, with so many people that help her out. Although at first, there were only just a few kind friends of hers that keep pushing her, helping her out to produce the videos. This is how she embraces her better self, how do you #EmbraceYourBetterSelf ?

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