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Friendship Check-Up: Beware of these Red Flags in Your Inner Circle!

Hi Teatoxers, it’s International Friendship month!

That’s why this month we decided to highlight the importance of having a support system in our lives. Just like any plant that needs good soil and environment to grow and flourish, we too need a positive inner circle to support our self-growth. Are you surrounded by the right kind of people in your life, or are they actually toxic for your good? Look out for these three red flags in your inner circle!

1. They lure you into bad habits

It’s scientifically proven that if your friends smoke, you’re highly likely to begin smoking too. At the same time, if your friends don’t, your chance to quit smoking increases by 36 percent! While smoking is just one example, in reality there are many bad habits that we might fall into just because of peer pressure. It can be as simple as overspending money on shopping and as life-threatening as smoking or bad eating habits. Are your friends supporting your good habits or do they tease you around for not living up to their harmful lifestyle? This can tell you whether you should reconsider your inner circle!

2. They are the dream-killer

What’s your biggest dream, or at least your targeted resolution for this year? Try sharing that to your friend, and see how they react. A positive inner circle will be a safe place for you to talk about your goals in life without being judged or discouraged. On the other hand, re-evaluate your inner circle if you feel that they underestimate or even talk down about your dreams. Attaining a goal is already hard enough without that kind of negativity around you!

3. They ask for too much in the name of friendship

“Can you help me to do A? Please, we’re friends, right?” “I’m your friend, how can you not do it for my sake?” Ever heard these words coming from someone you see as a ‘friend’? Well, helping one another sure is one of the beautiful things about friendship. But when a so-called friend starts taking too much and barely gives anything back, perhaps you might want to keep your distance! A true friend will not demand things that are beyond your limits, and they won’t hesitate to help you with anything if they can.

So what do you think, can you spot these red flags in your closest friends? If yes,

try to re-evaluate your inner circle and detox yourself from these negative people in your life. Life’s too short to be spent with toxic friends!

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