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Wita Juwita professional model will inspire us #EmbraceYourBetterSelf

We know that being a model can be one demanding job to have. If you’re not careful, you’ll put your health at risk. But that’s not the case with @witajuwita!

Juwita Rahmawati, who goes by the nickname Wita, started her modelling career as the winner of Wajah Femina in 2013. She admitted that having a career in the entertainment industry was her dream. Besides modelling, achieving the first spot at the granted her dream to have broader profession in presenting, acting, and singing. Last year, she once again snatched the top prize of another competition. This time it’s the Face of Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. Girl doesn’t stop!

But despite her success, she never put her health as a lesser priority. She embraces her better self by striving harder to keep a fit body to help her push through whatever challenge she’s facing. It’s no different in this Ramadan month! A cup of Teatox in the morning helps her to stay active and fresh throughout the day while fasting.

There are a lot of people out there who’ve got their own story behind their successful career, such as those who work in the creative industry or those who are passionate about cooking. What about you? Have you #EmbraceYourBetterSelf?

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