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Hi Teatoxers, On 18th November, Teatox & Co. Invited a group of our loyal customers to join us for a yoga class at Union Yoga. The event was organized so that we can meet our customers personally, while advocating them to live a healthy lifestyle through an acroyoga class. Our distinguished instructor for the day was Mr. Fajar Putra (Penyogastar).

The event was also attended by several influencers. The atmospehere during the event was gleeful, full of excitement and laughter as everyone watched and collaborated on many different acroyoga poses. We hope that many more customers would join our future Teatox & Community event.


Teatox & Community’s  purpose was to create a healthy lifestyle environment as we believe that we need the support of great people around us and various healthy activities to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This yoga event was the beginning of this community. We hope that through Teatox & Community, Teatoxer community would get to know each other, share experiences through activities that, in the future, would be routinely held.


Living a healthy lifestyle would be easier with higher chance of success when done with a friend. Teatox & Community can be a media where people with passion for healthy lifestyle can meet and team-up to strengthen each other.

Let’s do and share your healthy lifestyle with Teatox & Community.

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