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How to Stay on a Vacay State of Mind, Even After Holiday is Over!

Hi Teatoxers, how are you doing?

Are you feeling energized and ready to go back to your daily routines after vacation? Or are you experiencing ‘post-vacation blues’ and still cannot readapt to your regular schedule? If you are feel like the latter, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Here’s how you can still keep a vacation state of mind and stay positive, even when your holiday is over.

1. Add a twist in your routine

Wanna know why vacation is so relishing to you? It’s because our mind, our body gets so worn out by the same routine we keep doing every day over the year. So once you shake up that routine and go on vacation, feelings of enjoyment and gladness take over you. It’s helpful, then, to add something new to your daily routine so you can keep feeling that excitement. Try out a new activity, or learn a new skill, so we don’t become caught up in boredom and monotonous habits.

2. Take a break in a natural, outdoor setting

A research by Psychological Science found that going somewhere natural and outdoor can help you and your brain perform better. Perhaps that’s why vacation is so refreshing to your mind. So don’t get stuck in your same class or office for the whole day! Schedule lunch outside with a friend, or take breaks in-between working hour by looking at the scenery or taking a walk. Detaching yourself from continuous work setting can keep you in a positive mood after vacation.

3. Slow down (give your body time to readjust)

Finally, and most importantly: slow down! Our body is not a machine. It needs time to readjust back into your daily schedule after a long vacation. Slow down and be kind to it. You may also find it helpful to brew a cup of Serenitea to ease your sleep, or our Detox Package to cleanse your body after vacation.

So, which of these tips are you willing to try the most?

Keep in mind that this too shall pass, and before you know it, your next dream vacation will be on its way!

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