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Further Cleansing

Further Cleansing.

Aside from detoxing and maintaining your inward wellness by what you consume, don’t forget to also pay attention on the external things that is as much affecting .
These are the things you’re most likely to have around all the time that needs to be cleansed as well to maintain your healthy lifestyle;

  1. Smartphone.
    Maybe a lot of you have heard that most germs are nesting on our phones. As they are always with us, from our bed even to the toilet, right? It is even said that they are 10 times dirtier than those toilet seats! So, keep your phones away from the bathroom, and don’t be lazy to wash your hands before you work your thumbs on those gadgets.
  2. Tumbler.
    Your favorite Tea & Co Tumblers, water bottles, or anything you use to contain water by your bedside everyday. If you think they’re fine, think again!
    You touch a lot of stuff, then your bottle. You also bring them to the gym, the office, plus you share them with some friends, maybe? Sure sounds like a lot of germs to us.. All you need to do is wash them every end of the day.
  3. Pillows.
    When was the last time you wash your pillows? As in not only the covers. Your pillow is a favorite place for dust mites, and they leave feces in your pillows as well, which can cause allergic reactions such as itchiness, sneezing in the mornings, or also even asthma.
    So keep your fabrics clean and change what needs to be change if it has been years since you last did!.
    When those allergic reactions go away, you will surely have a better sleep! Don’t forget to have your cuppa serenitea to help you relax as well.
  4. Loofah.
    You use this thing to scrub off your dead skin, then the germs accumulate inside your loofah. It’s really hard to deep cleanse a loofah, so, it is best if you change them every 3 months or so.
  5. Make Up Brushes
    Oh, are you a beauty addict too? We don’t doubt you’re make-up looking on fleek daily. But how are those brushes of yours? Dirty brushes can be one of the causes of breakouts. Clean your foundation brushes at least once a week, and eye make-up brushes once a month, while other brushes twice a month.

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