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Magnet Bagi Toxic People

Hi Teatoxers, nice to see you again! How’s your “teatoxing journey” this month? By that, we don’t only mean detoxing from the toxins in your body, but also from toxic people around you! We all know those kind of people: they might threaten your peace and joy, keeping you from reaching your dreams with their words and actions. Are you allowing yourself to be too easily approached by them? Watch out for these signs that make you extremely vulnerable to toxic people.

The Great Listener

Trust us, there’s nothing wrong with being a great listener, as long as you set your boundaries on who and what you listen to. When toxic people spot a great listener, they’ll either go on and on bragging about their achievements, complain endlessly about their miserable life, or worse—going into deep disturbing details of the negatives of others. Toxic people are certainly not interested in what you have to say. They only care about seeing and hearing things their way.

The People Pleaser

Let’s address the obvious: you can’t please everyone! Toxic people love it when they spot a people pleaser. It shows them you will do anything to keep from letting someone else down. They’ll take advantage of your helping hand and manipulate you into doing things for them because you just can’t say no to their requests and demands. This is incredibly dangerous and draining as you won’t have time to do things for you, and all your energy is wasted being their genie in a bottle.

The Way Too Open

Toxic people love it when you get too honest about your hopes and dreams, or even your personal troubles. They’ll always find a gap in your story to criticize about and discourage you from your ambitions. They might even twist your words into their own and spread untrue rumors about you to their fellow toxic pals.

You can’t control the toxic people that come and go in your life, but you can start detoxing them away by getting rid of that overly kind, helpful, or trusting personality that toxic people love to exploit. Stop making excuses by letting toxic people stay in your life any longer, and switch to a positive inner circle instead. Let’s brew good and let the toxic away from inside and outside!

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