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Healthy menus for an ideal body

Aside from paying attention to the nutrition facts, your menus should also complete your daily calorie needs. Every individual have different amounts, but the average adult needs 2000 calories/day. Consult to you nutritionist to know the exact need for you based on your age, sex, activity, metabolism, hormones, weight and height.

Eating based on your calorie need is important, especially if you are trying to maintain or lose weight. Calories give the energy needed for the body, but consuming over than the daily need will make our body stack them up and store them as fat.

These are a few menus that are 2000 calories for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you can try, and will still satisfy your tastebuds!

Breakfast. you can fill up your belly with a bowl of cereal and sprinkle of raisins, with low fat milk. After that, a small sized banana and a slice of whole grain bread with butter and jelly jam.
For other options, you can try oatmeal with raisins, cooked with butter. For the drink, serve yourself an orange juice (250ml) and fat free milk (120ml).

make a sandwhich that consists of whole grain bread, chicken, lettuce, mushrooms, and mustard. Then top it off with a boiled potato of 200 grams.

Tofu capcay with vegetables and paprika, a small bowl of red rice, and a cup of iced lemon tea of 250ml.
Another option can be a 140gr of grilled salmon with celery, onions, and bread crumbs. Serve with rice, 125gr of steamed broccoli, and almond. End your dinner with 250ml of fat free milk.

a snack that is good for you to consume daily, for example, is 245gr of low fat yogurt with fruits.

There may be times when you get bored of eating healthy and crave for fatty and fast foods. Well, you still can enjoy them on a weekend. But the next day, don’t skip on getting back to your healthy eating!

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