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Watch Out for These Negative Emotions through Ramadan Month!

Hi Teatoxers! We’re already halfway through Ramadan month. For those of you who celebrate it, how’s your fasting going? We hope you’re still going strong! Besides fasting from eating and drinking, Ramadan is also a reminder for us to refrain from many negative emotions that might collect in our heart for many reasons. Some negative emotions do more harm to our body than we realize, so make sure your heart and soul are free from them!

1. Anger

Anger does nothing good to the body. It’s even linked to a lot of health problems from headaches and skin conditions, to more severe ones such as digestion and heart disease! Don’t let your anger control you. Take a breath, clear your head, and try to channel your anger in a gentler and calmer manner. Trust us, it benefits your inner and outer health more than you might think!

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2. Pride

Ramadan reminds us to practice humility and put others’ needs above our own. In other words, it’s a chance for us to refrain from keeping pride and arrogance. Pride makes you too demanding and perfectionistic towards yourself, and it can even lead to stress and high blood pressure. Instead of pride, try to easy on yourself, and be more accepting towards your own and other people’s weakness!

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3. Jealousy

Jealousy is another ‘disease’ that corrupts your heart and peace of mind. It’s so easy these days to be jealous of other people’s possession, especially when people share their luxurious lifestyle so transparently on social media. Did you know jealousy imposes stress on the body, resulting in raised heart rate and blood pressure? If you keep fueling your jealousy instead of being free from it, it can even lead to poor appetite, weight problems, and insomnia. To solve it? Stop comparing yourself to others, and practice gratitude. When you stop and take a step back, you can discover that there are so many things in your own life worth thanking about.

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Is your heart and mind still heavy with these negative emotions?

Ramadan reminds us to be clean inside and out as we welcome Eid celebration. The next time you’re tempted with these negative emotions, remind yourself of the harmful impacts they have on your physical and mental health, and choose to be happy and thankful instead!

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