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Summer Bucketlist

Who doesn’t love a good sunny day outdoors? Well maybe some.. But if you are like us and looking forward to these active days outdoors, have you considered some new activities to try out this year? Because every summer has it’s own story, right? Make this year’s Summer different by ticking off these bucketlist!

1.Visit a local forest trail

Or eco park in your city. Have a calming walk while enjoying nature (and taking lots of pics, ofcourse!), bring your dog along as well if the place allows.

2.Pick a read for the beach

Reading a book makes your brain able to imagine way more compared to watching series! Plus you don’t need to wait long for the next sequel 😉

3. Go berry picking

And eat them straight up fresh!

4. Be a tourist in your city

Visit the museum, amusement parks, and discover the hidden gems you didn’t know before existed in your city.

5. Watch the sunrise/sunset

Do a road trip to the nearest sunrise or sunset spot! It’s only a few hours away and does such an easy fix to break out from your routine!

6. Have a water game

A pool game war with your buddies!

7. Make popsicles

Mix your own fruity popsicles with your favorite fruits and juices. So easy and tasty!

8. Host a backyard barbeque

Gather with your family and friends for a barbeque all night!

9. Go shopping for plants

And maybe grow your own little garden?

10. Create your own signature lemonade drink

A Summer’s trademark! Come up with your own lemonade flavor. You can actually try using Serenitea or Boostea!

Have fun experimenting and enjoying this list!

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