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Relax, Here’s a Guilt-Free Way to Enjoy Your Chinese New Year Meals!

Chinese New Year season is here! What do you remember the most about Chinese New Year in your family? Maybe it’s the hong baos or lucky traditions your family still follow up until today, like wearing red and cleaning the house. But what about food? We think it’s such a big part of Chinese New Year too! Big feasts and endless foods are served on this momentous festivity, and pretty sure all of us here has experienced not being able to say no to the lavish tasty meals.

The problem comes when Chinese New Year holiday ends. Most of us would probably feel our pants getting tighter and our bellies getting bloated. It is impossible to avoid the plentiful of foods served in Chinese New Year, especially those high in calories and fats—the nian gao, bak kwa (pork slices), sweets, you name it. But there are strategies you can do to keep yourself from overeating and control your food consumption, and still enjoy Chinese New Year! Here’s Teatox & Co.’s guide for a healthier, cleaner Chinese New Year.

1. Do not start on an empty stomach

Since we are little, we may be told to go to Chinese New Year dinners on an empty stomach so we can ‘make space’ for more food. That’s one advice you must avoid! Going on an empty stomach only makes you overeat and snack on more unnecessary foods. Have a little healthy snack like yogurt or protein bar before the big feast instead, to keep you from overeating.

2. Balance sweet, fatty treats with healthy foods

We know how tempting Chinese New Year foods are; lapis legit, nian gao, pineapple cookies, candies, and not to mention the abundance of pork! But those foods are high in sugar and fats, so control your portion and balance your diet with fibre and vitamin-rich foods like vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fresh fruit to keep you healthy and prevent constipation

3. Get back on track

Chinese New Year can be an excuse to eat more than our usual portion, but once it’s over, it’s time to get back on track! Keep on doing healthy habits like exercising, drinking a lot of water and detoxing with Teatox & Co. to flush out toxins that made their way into your body during the festivities.

Hopefully, these tips can help you celebrate Chinese New Year without feeling guilty in the end. Remember, just like many goals in life, a healthy body doesn’t come just from luck but also from your hard work! Have a prosperous year ahead!

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