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Fasting Tips

Did you know that going on a fast is like doing a reboot to your system?
When you were having your meals regularly, your body has been focusing on digestion. On fasting, it’s working on eliminating toxins instead, and giving rest to your digestive system.
but before doing so, make sure you are aware of these things!

  1. Consult
    before giong through a fast, make sure of your condition wether you are physically fit enough. If you have diabetes or any heart disease, consult to a doctor beforehand.
  2. Plan your meals
    since at this time you are limiting your meal time, it brings you to having to make wiser food decisions that are balanced and nutritious. Buy and prepare all the ingredients or foods you have planned so that your meal plan wouldn’t fail! Begin your Suhoor with good morning tea to boost your energy throughout the day.
  3. Stay hydrated
    being dehydrated will cause you to feel hungry and tired, therefore get enough daily dose of H2O through suhoor and when breaking your fast. the color of your urine must be similar to a light lemonade.
  4. Break-Fast
    do not break your fast with a heavy meal, as we discussed earlier, to make wiser food choices. This means no fast food! Doing so may end up giving you stomach cramps. Start with something light like nuts, then continue with the main meal you have planned. Before going to bed, don’t forget to have your good night tea that helps with sleep quality and your digestive system while you rest!

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