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Tips on keeping your food hygienic

The cleanliness of our food is very important, as it determines wether or not they are safe to be consumed. If our food aren’t well cooked, stored, or produced the right way, we can fall sick by food poisoning, cold, flu, etc. studies show that the kitchen has the most germs of all other parts of the house.

These are a few obligatory things to do on keeping our food clean and hygienic:

  • raw meat should be stored at the bottom part of the fridge in order to keep drips falling on other foods.
  • do not keep vegetables and meat together.
  • don’t ever keep meat more than 2-3 days in the fridge, you’ll have to keep them in the freezer if you desire for it to last longer.
  • consume homemade fruit juices right away. As bacterias may soon contaminate them, especially if they are mixes of different kinds of fruits.
  • have a separate cutting board for meat because raw meat has many bacterias.

Source: Teatox & Co.

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